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Homeland Security

Meeting U.S. and Global Homeland Security Missions

The SPECTRUM Group’s Homeland Security Team brings a wealth of federal, military, law enforcement and industry experience to address the needs of multinational corporations, governments, and port authorities across diverse markets and geographies. We deliver expert program solutions that help our clients mitigate risk while achieving critical mission objectives and ensuring continuity.

We also support client business goals through strategic planning, proposal support, and project implementation and management with U.S. and international government agencies, militaries and law enforcement. We also provide advocacy for new programs and support funding, review and prepare comments on regulations, and develop immigration policy and legislation.

Leveraging the experience, insights and networks of our in-house military, security, intelligence community (IC) and civilian leaders, including professional relationships with decision-makers within federal agencies, DHS, the National Guard, and the Department of Defense, enables us to help our clients meet their missions.

We understand the complexity of the global threat environment and support our clients in developing tailored, sound and cost-effective security programs to mitigate risk to critical infrastructures, intellectual property, cyber threats, and international trade and commerce.

Subject Matter Expertise & Deliverables

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • New program and funding support, facilitation, and advocacy
  • Physical, IT, and cyber security audits, remediation planning, and solution implementation
  • Cyber defensive testing
  • Regulatory and compliance policy review
  • End user training programs
  • Enterprise security planning
  • Immigration policy and legislation development
  • Global business development
  • Grant, proposal, policy, and regulation development
  • Cyber and technical security
  • Law enforcement
  • Airport and aviation security
  • Waterway, sea port, and cargo security
  • Facility and infrastructure security
  • Physical security including sensors, communications, and processes
  • International trade and commerce security
  • Cross-agency, military, and joint partnerships (Coast Guard, TSA, ICE, CBP)
  • Congressional, military, and agency relations and advocacy

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