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The SPECTRUM Group is the premier strategic advisory and government relations firm. Our team offers perspectives built from and honed at the highest levels of government, military, intelligence, and industry, and insights informed by an unparalleled global network. We deliver more than 29 years of experience helping clients achieve sustained success.

Our team shares a commitment to excellence in client service, expertise and integrity. We expand your knowledge base and access to expertise and key decision-makers without increasing your employee base. We have built our reputation on developing and implementing solutions that create sustained value for our clients and their partners.


Andrew J. Campbell
Executive Chairman
Gen Tony Zinni, USMC, Ret. The SPECTRUM Group
Gen Anthony "Tony" Zinni, USMC, Ret.
MG George Close, USA, Ret. The SPECTRUM Group
MG George Close, USA, Ret.


Charlie Dale The SPECTRUM Group
Charlie Dale
RADM Jim Hinkle, USN, Ret. The SPECTRUM Group
RADM Jim Hinkle, USN, Ret.
VADM Steve Loftus, USN, Ret. The SPECTRUM Group
VADM Steve Loftus, USN, Ret.
Partner and Chairman Emeritus
Ambassador Bob Pearson, Ret. The SPECTRUM Group
Ambassador Bob Pearson, Ret.
Gregory Greg Sharp The SPECTRUM Group
Gregory Sharp
Partner and Founder