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Communications & IT Security

Leading Global Communications and IT Security

Governments and corporations have diverse capabilities, protocols and programs around communications and IT security, including highly sensitive security programs and technologies. The SPECTRUM Group’s Communications and IT Security Team has significant experience in both helping clients better understand their own security challenges and the technologies available to meet them, and with helping clients pursue and win business in the U.S. and international government and military marketplaces.

Our Communications and IT Security Team helps clients with SIGINT and COMINT, network and technology security, compliance and risk mitigation, as well as earning federally-required certifications. Our significant experience in security arenas span federal government and commercial sectors, from the most high-tech and cutting-edge technologies to the challenges of upgrading and securing significantly outdated networks.

We help clients pursue business with the federal government by helping them achieve regulatory compliance and certification requirements to pursue opportunities in new markets. We are experienced in foreign military sales (FMS) and help clients strategically grow, market and sell products with end users spanning corporate offices to downrange security personnel in high-threat environments.

Subject Matter Expertise & Deliverables

  • Communications and IT security planning and implementation
  • Security assessments and solutions
  • Defensive and penetration testing
  • Technology, program, and system assessments
  • Mitigation solutions design
  • Security audits and training
  • End user training programs
  • Enterprise security planning
  • Due diligence, strategic planning, and M&A support
  • SWOT and risk assessments
  • Global business development
  • Policy and regulation development
  • Information, network, communications, and technology security
  • Vulnerability assessment and mitigation
  • Authentication and automatic identification technology
  • SIGINT and COMINT technologies
  • Certifications, requirements, and compliance
  • Security and risk assessments and master planning
  • Strategic analysis, planning, and positioning
  • Due diligence and M&A services
  • Budget, acquisition, and requirements
  • Global licensing and ITAR
  • Defense, military, and Congressional expertise and advocacy

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