The SPECTRUM Group > BG Huseyin Erim, Turkish Army, Ret.

BG Huseyin Erim, Turkish Army, Ret.


  • NATO and Partner Nation Programs, Exercises, and Operations
  • Turkish Army, Ministry of Defense, and Special Forces
  • Security and Risk Management Advisory
  • Energy and Gas Line Security
  • Country-Level and Joint Mobilization
  • Economic Advisory


General Erim supports clients working across a variety of international defense and energy domains, with significant expertise in Turkey, MENA, and NATO programs and exercises.

Prior to joining The SPECTRUM Group, General Erim served as a military and security advisor for the Howard Energy Company, where he advised on protection of the Baaku-Ceyhan natural gas line. He previously served as Turkey country representative for Straife Risk Management.

General Erim’s 41-year Turkish Army career culminated in his serving as a Special Operations Exercise Planner, Turkish Special Forces, J3, Joint, where he planned Special Operations exercises with U.S. Special Forces and Navy Seals, UK, Italian, and German Special Forces, and other NATO forces. He also previously served as the Operation Plans Section Chief on the Turkish General Staff, responsible for NATO, United Nations (UN), and national plans and serving as Executive Officer to the Chief of Staff of the Turkish Army. In other roles, he worked closely with NATO (Izmir, Turkey) and NATO SHAPE Headquarters (Mons, Belgium), planning NATO and joint Rapid Reinforcement Plans for NATO countries. General Erim also served as Director, Mobilization Department in the Turkish Ministry of Defense, leading mobilization system planning for Turkey and its NATO and non-NATO partner countries.


  • Director, Mobilization Department, Turkish Ministry of Defense
  • Special Operations Exercise Planner, Turkish Special Forces, J3 Joint
  • Operations Plans Section Chief, Turkish General Staff, NATO Headquarters and SHAPE Headquarters
  • United Nations J5 Officer, Somalia
  • Military and Security Advisor, Howard Energy Company
  • Country Representative, Turkey, Straife Risk Management


  • Graduate, Turkish Military War Academy
  • Graduate, Turkish Military War College
  • Graduate, Turkish Armed Forces Staff College