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Mr. Erich Elkins


  • Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for Global Markets (Asia Pacific / Europe)
  • Supply Chains and Geopolitical Risk Assessment
  • Resource, Robotics, Training and Defense Industries
  • Autonomous Systems and Spatial Computing Solutions


Mr. Elkins delivers more than 35 years of experience supporting clients in navigating Asia Pacific, European, and multinational business domains and mitigating geopolitical risk. His expertise is focused on supply chain, robotics, training, defense, and resource industries.

Prior to joining The SPECTRUM Group, Mr. Elkins served as Head of Industry Collaborations at the International Design Centre (IDC), a collaboration between the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Previously, he was the Senior Director of Product Design and Development for Samsung Electronics in South Korea. Mr. Elkins also previously served as the Director of Industrial Design and Human Factors for Plantronics Corporation (now Poly), and as the Studio Manager, Germany and U.S. West Coast for Siemens AG.

Mr. Elkins’ work spans multi-disciplinary domains for corporations, academia, and research organizations across Eastern Asia and Australia, Europe, and the U.S. He leverages his extensive expertise and professional network to provide key insights to clients on economic, technological, and geo-political developments and trends. Mr. Elkins facilitates client strategic initiatives focused on supply chain, manufacturing, and dual-use technology adoption/conversion.


  • Head of Industry Collaborations, International Design Centre (IDC) (Singapore University of Technology and Design – MIT collaboration)
  • Senior Director, Product Design and Development, Samsung Electronics
  • Director of Industrial Design and Human Factors, Plantronics Corporation (now Poly)


  • B.B.A., Marketing and Industrial Design, University of Notre Dame