The Spectrum Group

Bill Schroeder

Expertise Areas

  • Engineering Program Management
  • Market Intelligence and Strategic Entry
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Technology Analysis and Strategy Development


Mr. Schroeder helps position client advanced analytic technologies, and helps clients develop and implement market entry strategies. He delivers significant expertise in technology and data migration into the IC ITE environment and other cloud computing environments, as well as irregular warfare, ISR exploitation, and advanced analytics markets.

Before joining The SPECTRUM Group, Mr. Schroeder served as Senior Director of Business Development at GeoEye Analytics, where he developed new markets and opportunities for cloud and predictive analytic technologies. He also served as the Homeland Security industry manager for ESRI, managing the market expansion and use of GIS technology and solutions through U.S. government homeland security channels post-9/11.

Mr. Schroeder has hands-on project director and project engineering experience in propulsion and weapons engineering services for U.S. and NATO militaries and industries. He previously successfully commercialized several technologies developed by his consulting firm, resulting in the spinoff of two successful commercial software products.


  • Senior Director of Business Development, GeoEye (now DigitalGlobe)
  • Homeland Security Industry Manager,¬†ESRI
  • Program Manager, Applied Ordnance Technology
  • Propulsion Engineer, NSWC IH/White Oak


  • M.B.A., Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University