Commercial electronics compared to their space qualified counterparts are increasingly proving to be fit for use in space. High performance and reliability together with reduction of qualification costs and less testing time play an important role in the development of the space market.

Researchers of the Spectrum Aerospace Group have been working on the design of innovative evaluation and qualification approaches for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics that can be used in extreme environment conditions. A variety of components and integrated circuits are being tested and qualified by the Spectrum team adapting new testing and engineering methodology while keeping product assurance standards. The so called Space-COTS offer, on one site, satellite producers to redesign the evolution of their space projects by introducing the best technology and latest commercially available electronic components and by bringing their products in a faster time to the market. On the other site, space hardware industries will access a- variety of electronic parts from several manufacturers and consequently provide a broadest portfolio to their customers.



  • Preselected COTS
  • Qualification tests based on ESA/MIL Standards
  • Defined radiation hardness levels
  • Screening tests by request
  • Space fit and Hi-Rel electronics based on COTS
  • Complementary data sheet with space specifications



Selected components and integrated circuits from several manufacturers covering almost all electronic functionality:

Diodes, Bipolar Transistors, FET, Power MOSFETS, OPAMP, Comparators, DC/DC converter, Voltage regulator, Voltage references, ADC/DAC converter, Logic Devices, Drivers, Memories, Controllers, FPGAs, Sensors, Image Sensors, Optoelectronic-Parts.

Furthermore other complementary products (Batteries) and materials (Adhesives) are available.



  • No ITAR and no export limitations
  • Alternative solutions and next generation technology
  • Availability of a wide portfolio
  • Best Quality/Cost ratio and attractive prices
  • Faster time to market
  • Project specific and customised qualification