Space-COTS – Commercial Off-The-Shelf Space Components – allow SMEs and big players to introduce the highest quality in space technology at affordable prices. Selected commercial-off-the-shelf electronics are tested and qualified following the standards from NASA, ESA and ISO.

Advantages of Space-COTS

    • No ITAR and no export limitations
    • Availability of a wide portfolio
    • Best Quality/Cost Ratio and attractive prices
    • Faster time to market
    • Project specific and customer support
    • Best pre-selected COTS
    • Qualification tests based on ESA/MIL/ISO Standards
    • Defined Radiation hardness levels
    • Screening test by request
    • Space fit and Hi-Rel electronics based on COTS
    • Complementary datasheet with space specifications



High reliability of electronic components is fundamental for space missions and many other applications on Earth including:

    • radioactive environments (power plants, nuclear medicine)
    • research labs
    • extreme and harsh conditions