NewSpace is a terminology, which represents the philosophy related to the emerging private space industry. This community is built mainly from space companies involved in the development of low-cost space technologies and the definition of low-cost policies. In other words the space technology will be to a mass product and practically accessible for everybody.

It is important to remark that ITAR solutions do not match with the NewSpace philosophy and in consequence, new solutions have to be found.

One of the most interesting parameters for devices in space is the radiation robustness. Such parameter cannot be found in the datasheets of commercial parts. All electronic components could survive in space but the question is for how long!

In the datasheet of a commercial component, the behaviour of the electrical parameters under normal conditions (on the ground) will be assessed. In addition, the limits of these parameters can be found. For instance in the datasheet is possible to read the Absolute Maximum Ratings like the temperature limits, let say from -10°C to +50°C. It does not mean that under or above these limits, the component will not work anymore. A test in a thermal-chamber will show the real limits of the component, following the example above i.e. from -15°C to +58°C. It means the same components could be used for a broader temperature range than specified in the datasheet. In general it is possible to see how robust is an electronic component measuring its behaviour under specific environment conditions.

Many SPECTRUM activities follow the NewSpace philosophy.