SPECTRUM offers a complete Nanosatellite platform. The platform and available payloads are described below:

On-board Computer

ARM Cortex A9i.MX6 Quad Core from FreeScale
Up to 1.2GHz/core
2GB DDR3 (with integrated error correction)
16GB Flash NAND

Communication Module


230kbps/TX0, 1-2W/410-480MHz


230kbps/TX0, 1-1W/902-928MHz


230kbps/TX0, 1-1W/2,4-2,48GHz
230kbps/TX0, 1-1W/3,3-3,5GHz
1Mbps/TX0, 5W/2,2-2,3GHz


25-150Mbps/TX0, 5W/8GHz



Satellite telephone transceiver

Contact with the satellite around the clock.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

S-BandTX0.6-4Mbps/RX30-200kbps/Inter-Satellite communication

Power System

Solar Panels: 3G30C-Advanced (30%efficiency)

High capacity Batteries

Primary cells


Attitude System

Attitude Knowledge (Pitch & Yaw /Roll):30arcsec/200arcsec
Attitude Pointing :<< 1°
Actuators: 3 Reaction Wheels, 3 Magnetorquer
Sensors: Star Tracker, 3-AxesMEMSGyro, Magnetometer, Accelerometer


GNSS Receiver

High accurate multi-system GNSS receiver (GPS/GLONASSL1andL2, Galileo and Beidou)
Accuracy Standalone Horizontal: 1,2m, Vertical: 1,9m
Accuracy Speed Horizontal: 0,04 km/h,Vertical:0,06km/h


High Precision Laser Atomic Clock

Frequency Accuracy:
Maximum offset at shipment: ±5×10-11
Maximum retrace (48hrsoff):±5×10-10
Aging, monthly: <9×10-10typical
Aging, yearly: <1×10-8typical
1PPS Sync. ±100ns


Structure (CubeSat Standard or customized)

Standard aluminium structure.
Extra Light Structure; aluminium Skeleton and carbon fibre walls.
Long Life Structure; 5mm thick aluminium walls.
Armour Structure; strong protection against radiation.



Hyperspectral camera

600-1000 nm ;> 100Bands; 1360lines/s
470-900 nm ;> 150Bands; 1360lines/s
600-1000nm; 32Bands; 170cubes/s

High resolution camera

Pixel size: 1,4 μm/2,2 μm/1,1 μm

High Speed cameras

Super-Resolution software.


Maktusov-Cassegrain optical system

Aperture: 90mm
Focal length: f/1250
Tube length: 25cm
Lens system weight :< 1,1Kg


Operating System

RODOS (Real time On-board Dependable Operating System) is a real-time operating system for satellites. RODOS was developed at the German Space Agency (DLR) and is a derivate from the BOSS operation system, Which is used in the microsatellite program DLR’s. Satellites using this Operation system are BIRD,  TET-1andBIROS.



PCB with Cooper Core

For a better thermal management and integration of High power components.

Radiation Robustness with qualified COTS