StarLab (In development)

New space products request flight heritages in order to validate the developed technology. It exists IOV/IOD projects but the available slots are limited, the process takes long and the flights are every three years in ideal case.

The StarLab project is an alternative to the traditional solutions. The experiments will be installed on the ISS (Internal or external platforms) in a standardized container. The StarLab will offer a complete solution with the following advantages:

  • Very attractive prices
  • Quick implementation of experiments with the support of the StarLab kit
  • The most important resources are available on the ISS (power, data transmission)
  • Regular flights to the ISS every three months
  • Certified platform for the ISS
  • Flight Certification of the experiments
  • Near real-time data transmission
  • Easy access to experiment data


StarLab Kit (In development)

The StarLab Kit supports the development and construction of the electronic kit. This kit allows easy preparation of experiments for the StarLab platform. The integration is also done in a very short time.

StarLab Container

The StarLab Container is the platform where the experiments are installed is a system with interfaces, power supply system (Smart Grid) and data bus. For the design of the container the CubeSat standard is used. The container can be used several times.

Transport and operation

The container is flown to the ISS with the experiments and installed. It remains in orbit for three months and then it is returned.


Qualified components (PCB, connectors, ICs, etc.) are required for the experiments in space. These components help customers to prepare experiments with certified components right from the start. The qualification process is defined, implemented and carried out by SPECTRUM.