Nowadays the Environmental Monitoring will be more and more important to keep safe the nature. In order to monitor it a Remote Monitoring System (RMS) has been developed by SPECTRUM. The device is based on industrial qualified electronics and equipped with several sensors.

Depending on the application needs, the RMS will be equipped with complementary modules. The Premium- RMS includes a Navigation module, a Communication module for wireless connectivity to Internet and can be powered by high efficient solar cells (30% efficiency). Thereby the RMS offers the capability of publishing collected data in real-time and at a given position around the world, which is ideal for environmental monitoring on Earth.

The Lite version includes low-priced sensors and basic electronic for communication with the Tablet-PC or Smartphone. The RMS is capable to build a local or global network. Further the flexibility of the design permits the easy installation of numerous sensors to measure physical parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.). The RMS ist compatible to standard communication protocols and devices, permitting the users/customers to access to huge information over high coverage areas in real time, which is ideal for environment monitoring and opens a new age for the In-Situ Monitoring.

The RMS Premium complies with the requirements from the European Program „Copernicus In-Situ Component“.

Copernicus is the European Earth observation Program coordinated and managed in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), the EU Member Countries and European Agencies.