The ground station is part of the ground segment and allow the physical connection between the control center and the satellite. There are several types of ground station. For professional and commercial missions ground stations can be rent. It exists also service companies and support operations activities from satellite missions. Stations with parabolic antennas from 7m diameter can be used for the mentioned satellite missions. The antenna has a receiver for specific frequencies and similar for the transmitter. The tracking system of the antenna should comply also with minimal requirements like the tracking velocity.
The antenna of a ground station can be used for several purposes. The main function is the tracking of satellites, reception of telemetry and transmission of commands to the spacecraft. During the tracking the ground station measures the exact position of the satellite following the signal strength. This coordinates will be used later for orbit prediction. These coordinates help also to calculate the angle of elevation of the satellite. The distance from the satellite to the ground can be measured through the time delay of the transmitted signal and the received signal, like a radar. The distortion of the radio signal from the satellite due to the Doppler Effect is possible to measure the orbit velocity of the spacecraft.

IC-9100 ICOM/Transceiver
PS-126 ICOM/Power Supply
SP-70/Pre-Amplifier UHF
SP-200/Pre-Amplifier VHF
WY7023/UHF Yagi Antenna/15dBD
WY209/VHF Yagi Antenna/12,4 dBD
IC-R30/Radio Scanner/Handheld
LNA-5000/Pre-Amplifier Broadband/50MHz-5GHz
LHCP 2.1-2.6 Dish feed/2,1-2,6 GHz
3 Meter Mesh Dish (F/D=0.4 – 0.45)
BIG-RAS Azimuth & Elevation rotator
BIG-RAS AZ & EL Rotor Controller
Power Supply for use with SPID RAS en BIG/RAS
Alpha SPID Heavy duty antenna mounting bracket BR-03
Rack 19″ with PC

ICOM Receiver (Source: ICOM)


VHF/UHF Segment for Transmission and Reception

S Band Segment only for Reception


19″ Rack content:

The transceiver equipment is installed in a 19 inch rack.


Control Software

The ground station is delivered with the appropriate software for control of the tracking system and the transceiver


Remote Operation

The ground station can be controlled remotely


Automatic Operation

For this service please consult us directly.


Radio-Amateur License Course and Training

The preparation course for acquiring an international amateur radio license:

  • Electronics for radio amateurs
  • Radio transmitter and receiver technology
  • Radio communication techniques
  • Amateur radio regulations
  • Training for the exam
  • Satellite missions of amateur radio clubs


The course has a theoretical and a practical part, where the participants can immediately apply the knowledge acquired.

The course takes 5 days and teaching materials will be handed out. The number of participants is limited to 50 people.


SPECTRUM is not in charge of issuing licenses. The offered course is only an optimal preparation for the radio amateur license exam. Please contact the competent authority in your country to apply for a radio amateur licence.



The installation service includes the following activities:

  • Installation and configuration of radio amateur equipment.
  • Operation of the Transceiver (transmitter – receiver) on different bands.
  • Data transmission and reception.
  • Programming of the tracking system.
  • Reception of signals from small satellites (optional).


For an Installation service quotation please contact us.


Installed Ground Stations

Arequipa, Peru.