SPECTRUM assists private projects with selected and experienced personnel. SPECTRUM has a valuable network and can support space missions in all phases.

SPECTRUM staff fulfils all customer needs increasing productivity and profitability.

SPECTRUM specialists can also achieve on-site trainings for the customers. Customized solutions are always available.

SPECTRUM’s expertise are summarized as follows:

  • Experience in the Aerospace Industry, Spacecraft / Subsystem Engineering and Spacecraft Operations
  • Generation, test and validation of technical procedures
  • Definition, Coordination and Execution of Environmental Tests
  • Experience with European Space Missions
  • 24/7 routine operations with On-Call Support
  • Execution of technical tasks with rigor, discipline, developing and following systematic methodologies
  • Good analytical, organizational and reporting expertise
  • Collaborative team worker with good communications skills
  • Proactive attitude to solve problems
  • Multi-disciplinary/multi-project