Writing documentation is difficult and time-consuming. SPECTRUM has wide-ranging experience in the writing of technical documentation and proposals, and provides specialists for this matter. SPECTRUM can assist your company in the preparation, coordination and writing of technical documents or proposals. If your company doesn’t have any experience with in these matters: NO PROBLEM; SPECTRUM can support you in an easy way. You don’t need to take care on the formal details of the documentation. You only need to provide and generate the technical project specific details and SPECTRUM does the rest for you. The SPECTRUM staff has more than 30 years of experience in the space and research field, as well as a valuable network worldwide.

SPECTRUM offers the most attractive solution for your technical documentation and proposals. By just investing moderate time and money, you can concentrate on your own business while SPECTRUM takes care about the complementary activities. The result will be a high quality technical documentation or proposal with very little efforts from your side.


Customized Solution

SPECTRUM experts have experience in several successful projects; they understand the process very well and know the way to reach a high quality technical documentation or proposal.

On request it will also be possible to support you in the acquisition of more technical and scientific information for your project.


Crowd-Sourcing Support

Behind each expert SPECTRUM uses its network to improve all details of your proposal. SPECTRUMS’s priority is the fulfilment of all customer wishes and a high level customer satisfaction.


High Flexibility

„The customer is king“. Customized solutions are always available and recommended.