Space systems shall be designed based on electronic components which robustness against radiation is demonstrated. Nowadays many Hi-Tech hardware manufacturers’ wants to offer already designed electronics for space missions although it was designed for the use on the Earth or in best case in the stratospheric. The correct recommended way to screen up these electronics is qualifying each device following ESA, NASA or MIL standards, i.e. at device level. This will be very extensive and time-consuming for a finished product and it is not possible to foreseen the final robustness against radiation of the tested electronics. Furthermore it will be defined by the weakest device. On the other hand the biggest temptation of the hardware manufacturers is to make a low quality qualification irradiating the electronics on “board level” with the intention to save time and money. And even worse is the reduction of the irradiation time increasing the radiation dose, inducing another physical effects than the expected. Obviously the result will not be the desired and similarly is by radiation testing.

For the space qualification of existing electronics Spectrum Aerospace developed a new technical solution in order to achieve in an accurate way the qualification test without modifications on the original electronics. This technical solution is adequate for most of the electronic circuits and is ideal for customized applications. This is the most efficient qualification method for own customer existing electronics.

SPECTRUM offer the service Hardware Upgrade & Qualification for Space. This is a solution between the „component level“ and the „board level“ test and get the most important advantages of both. The accuracy is close to the „device level“ test and its cost is close to the „board level“ test and it represents the most efficient solution for existing hardware.

In order to save time and money in many space projects the required (radiation) qualification will be done at board level. A whole board will be irradiated and operated at the same time.